The Cancer and Bone Society (CABS) was initially founded in 2004 by Greg Mundy, Robert Rubens, Etsuro Ogata, Herbie Fleisch, and Jack Martin, with Rob Coleman appointed as the inaugural chairman. The primary mission of CABS was to formally run the cancer-induced bone disease (CIBD) meetings, initiated in 1991, and to promote international collaborations across the cancer and bone field in both clinical and basic research. The CIBD meetings continued to be held every 1-2 years, alternating between the US and Europe to promote international involvement. CABS ran these meetings as an independent society from 2004 until 2011, before becoming incorporated into the International Bone and Mineral Society (IBMS). The CIBD meetings continued under the direction of IBMS through 2015.

In 2016, CABS once more become an independent entity and established a new CABS Board. CABS now manages and facilitates the CIBD meetings as they were originally introduced in 1991 and, where appropriate, will partner with other societies that have an interest in bone and cancer. CABS believes these partnerships will enhance research and education in this rapidly developing area of biology and promote the translation of increasing scientific knowledge into clinical practice.


The CABS mission was to sponsor the CIBD meetings and to "facilitate collaborations and knowledge transfer between clinicians and scientists working in the fields of cancer and bone biology."

CABS also offered for several years a $40,000 fellowship in memory of the late Dr. Gregory R. Mundy for Cancer-Induced Bone Disease research to support a talented young investigator performing research in this discipline.